Aug 23, 2012

Project : LOFT


So, I just recently moved to my beautiful townhome & like everyone else that gets excited about moving, decorating is deff" on the agenda. The Living room is pretty much done [we will be getting new furniture in about a 2 weeks] and the dining room needs a little more pazazz, otherwise thats pretty much done.
The upstairs bathroom is finished and now we have began to spruce up the guest bathroom.
The area where I am anxious about is my loft area. There is so much space that it is currently drowning my poor desk and computer.
I know I am going to paint for sure, but cant quite decide what color I want to splash on my walls. (SPLASH? hmm, I think a idea was just created ;]) Anywho, I know I want to do a fashion forward look, vintage flare mixed with a modern twist.
Some of my MUST pieces would be :
Vintage pictures
Furniture cubes
Amazing rug(s)
Rockin lamps
As always, I created some visuals of some ideas that I have.


I love black, so that is also a must! I am considering painting some fun, bold shapes on my wall while the posters lie on top.
I really want want some gorgeous chairs, that might result in a DIY because mama is cheap honeyyy ha
&& I love a cute ottoman


For the 2nd look, another favorite furniture color I love is RED !
With red being the accent color, I feel that black will compliment the room perfect.
I am a huge fan of wall decals so instead of painting I might slap a few of them on the wall 



Clearly my lovely touch screen computer over powers my desk, lol so I am on the hunt for a new one, and of course that area will be getting some love too ;) no spot left untouched !!!
I will be sure to post "after" pics once my project is finished. If you have any ideas, leave them in the comment box on the post :)