Nov 27, 2012

Nasty Gal.

During all these amazing sales for the Black Friday/Cyber Moday Mayhem one of the stores I found myself continuing to revisit was Nasty Gal!
This site is one of my favorite go-to sites for outfit inspirations, trend forecasting and cyber window shopping lol ! 
 Sophia Amoruso has a way of making us girls go gaga over each item she puts on her site & 9 times out of 10, I fall for it.. The Amazing 28-year-old has done a an marvelous job with creating such a strong and consistent brand. 

"The company is on its way to quadrupling sales this year to $128 million, racking up gross margins of more than 60%, up there with retail’s most profitable ventures. Nasty Gal has done this with very little advertising and nearly no ­discounting in an industry forced to succumb to daily dealmaking. Instead, Amoruso has built a brand on the backs of Instagram, ­Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook—and translated “likes” into sales. "

"Nasty Gal has the sticky online metrics of a fashion magazine. A quarter of its 250,000 customers visit the site once a day for at least seven minutes. The top 10% visit the site more than 100 times a month. One focus group girl admits she refreshes the site “every 20 minutes.” They aren’t always buying, ( That's ME) lol of course, and that means Nasty Gal’s conversion rate (1%) is lower than a typical retailer’s. But because it’s in front of its customers so frequently it has a stunningly loyal group. Just over half of Nasty Gal sales come from 20% of its shoppers. This means there’s room to grab lots more shoppers! " -Source

She is all about keeping in touch with her fans too! She encourages her staff to post about weekend getaway trips and makeup tips. (When one online fan suggested a model had “plastic-surgery lips,” creative director Joanna Ewing replied, “No, we touched them. They’re real.”)
Though Amoruso stopped doing styling for daily model shoots, she can’t stop meddling. When a wrap dress was getting just one sale a week, she insisted it be put on a popular model. The dress became a top seller at 400 buys a week! She knows her stuff, smart gal!

 Sophia is truly an inspiration for small online stores across the nation, she managed to turn something small into something bigger then she could have ever hoped!

Shop here NastyGal

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