Aug 30, 2012

Will You Be There?
Today Marks the day of exactly ONE WEEK until FNO. I am ecstatic, soon I'll be on a plane high in the sky on my way to New York to enjoy FNO.
With the help from the gals over at Fashion Bomb Daily I feel I am ready to take on the town! A whole night filled with celebs, fashion, publicists, exclusive sneak peaks and more.
The G.A.M.E plan!
Maybe I'll pop up on Solange while she's spinning on the one's and two's at the DVF store!
The I'll stop by M.A.C to chill with Allison Williams from Girls and Vogue‘s Melling Burke :]
Next, I'll chat it up with ex-Top Model judge Nigel Barker and the Runway Relief models at Nine West located at 1258 avenue of the Americas and 50th street.
From 9- midnight, QVC is planning a live broadcast on FNO, complete with a smattering of celebrities (Isaac Mizrahi, Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Richie) pedding their newest wares for the shopping channel. Have an “interactive experience” in the Meatpacking District at 14th and 9th ave starting at 6PM.

Party with Azealia Banks while she performs at M.A.C Cosmetics in NoHo 506 Broadway bet Thompson and LaGuardia place.

Then I'll have some fun and play games with Michael Kors he's going to be hosting a game of fashion trivia at Macy‘s Herald Square from 7-8:30

Lastly I'll make a surprising entrance at Lord & Taylor. Kim Kardashian (Kanye West?), Jill Zara, Kristi Yamaguchi, and more will be in-store. Celebrate Project Runway‘s 10th anniversary with appearances from the series noted alums. 6-11PM.

Yeah, I know I'll probably be doing none of this, but a girl can dream right :) hahaa.

Alls I know, I will be in NYC drinking, networking, and having a ball....Will you be there?

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Aug 28, 2012

I'm sure alot of you gals have seen fancy adds for all of the shoe clubs that some known Celebs  like Kim Kardashian, Kimora and Rachel Bilson are creating. Now, me being a huge shoe whore, I too, am a recent victim of the latest shoe club trend. Now, I have yet to sign up for JustFab, the club that Kimora oversees. After reading reviews for JustFab, I'v learned that there are some pros and cons (like anywhere else) to signing up.

The Major problem for me is that they charge you a monthly fee. Unlike ShoeDazzle (who recently changed their membership terms) you have to remember to either buy something at the start of the month, or choose to "skip the month". If you don't do either, you will be charged a $39.95 fee and receive a credit. I'm not going for that, your not taking my dough unless I purchase something!
Also, I've read another con for JustFab... The deliveries get left at your door. This can be a MAJOR problem.

Both companies essentially offer the same service for the same price so I'll skip the small talk. If you have done your research you'll see the prices can range from $29 -$49, which isn't bad at all for shoes. Also, both are always free shipping and free returns!

The layouts :

JUSTFab - Although I have not personally signed up for this shoe club, I find kind of cool how they have actual videos of models walking in the shoe, your able to view the shoe in action instead of just seeing a few angles in different picture. For you ladies who need more then just a pic to determine your purchase, JustFab may be a great site for you!

ShoeDazzle - I personally had no problem with selecting the shoes I wanted. The layout is nothing fancy, simple and straight forward. You see. You Click. You preview. There is no video of a model doing the foot work to show you how sturdy your future buy will hold up in the club lol, but its pretty easy to comprehend!
 <--- These are actual shoes within my lineup. You take a style survey prior to you accessing the site and && Wallah! Your "cyber" personal stylist has picked a variety of different styles based off of the information you provided:)

 Quality/Selection :

ShoeDazzle - Their shoes are great looking, fashion-forward shoes with surprisingly good quality and they are actually comfortable. They have Great designs. ShoeDazzle has lined up some of the best known stylists in the industry to select your shoes so you know you’ll always be in fashion. I mean they do have Kim K. on their team :)

JustFab - Now, remember folks, I have not purchased anything from JustFab, so my opinions have been based on what I have read. I have read that the quality isn't all that great compared to clubs like ShoeMint and ShoeDazzle. I suggest you make your own assumptions by doing your research like I did, or if your willing to take the risk, sign up and commit to a monthly fee to find out ;) hehee

 Here are some images of my recent purchases from Shoe Dazzle :)


 I love all the shoes I bought, They fit true to size, they have great support and the heels are very sturdy. I am a satisfied customer and will be purchasing again, real soon :)

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