Nov 3, 2012

DIY Givenchy Shark Tooth Boots

Hey Dolls.

Earlier this week I was reading up on some MUST HAVE boots for fall 2012. I fell in love with the Givenchy - Black Leather Shark Tooth Boot! By total accident, I found this amazing blog ran by two creative girls Syl and Sam! On their blog they show how the Givenchy boot inspired them to make their own version and way cheaper might I add. The Shark tooth boot retails at 1695.00 USD && get this, they are sold out!

On their blog they show how they made their Shark tooth style boot and explain everything to how much material you'll need, the kind of shoe as the base and etc.. 

Here is the link if you are interested :) ---> click here 

Below are some pics of the Givenchy boot and Sam and Sly's boot :)

Gotta Have Em !

Hello Loves!

So of course the time of the year where I'm suppose to be putting others before myself, I think of MYSELF lol. I guess it doesn't help when you get constant updates of new this and new that filling up your inbox all day. There are a few items that cant seem to back up off my brain. I'll share with you so you can feel the pain I suffer as I click the X button to leave the page lol 

Nov 1, 2012


Hey Dolls! 

This past week, Nicki Minaj was spotted in London looking as cute as can be with her denim ensemble and bejeweled bra! I personally thought she "she did that" ! From the high waisted multi-washed jeans that had built in denim style boots [aHHH-MAZE-ing], to the trendy cropped denim jacket, Nicki was doing the *BLEEP* thang! She even topped off the look with a denim snap back. I see you Nick..