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What is your thoughts on the Violent Lips/ Eyes products? In the past the purchased a couple of the lips, the polka dot and the leopard print. 

Personally, I feel they are really fun, flirty and convenient. They stay on surprisingly for a long time too!
Now they have Violent EYES! they have different styles and I must say.. I might be trying these bad boys out.. will you??

Myself with the Violent lips..

Hello peeps !
So last night, I took my weave out of my hair to let it breathe. Soon as I took it out, I sat on my bed wondering.. "ok Naz, what are you gonna do now?" It has been a while since I wore my hair out ecsp since I cut it a few month back.
Now I am always trying something new with my hair, new style, new color, new length new SOMETHING. So once I took my hair out, I said. hmmmm why not leave it out and go curly. Now my natural hair is curly, but through out the day it ends up looking all dry, so I searched the web to see if there was something I could grab from a store (TARGET) real quick.
That's when I came across KINKY CURLY. I watched about 5 different YouTube videos on it and read up on some reviews. All great things were said I must say, the only thing that had me on edge was the price. It was kind of spendy, but I thought hey, why not.
So here are my results. :]
I also bought these products .
I love Motions products.
Kinky Curly Knot Today Natural Leave-In Detangler (11.99) && Curling Custard (16.99)

I also restocked on some E.L.F products, saved me from ordering online :)
New Full Face Brush
Cream Eyeliner
Correction Concealer
Mineral infused Primer ( that i LOVE)

Feel free to ask me anything :)


Hey Ladies! I wanted to take the time out to share where I get my eyelashes from! Now some of you already may be up on game and some of you may still be spending lots of money for something you only wear for hmmmmm 4 hours? lol
Now, I'll admit it, I am VERY cheap and this is no surprise for those who know me, so when I found these lashes you can only imagine how excited I got. Reason being; these babies were only a buck forty-eight! YES 1.48 (wait for it) + FREE SHIPPING :]!
You get 10 pair
They have a wide variety over 20 different styles
Natural or Thick styles
The style I always get is 063 !

Seriously if you love lashes and don't go buy these, you must be cheaper then me O_o hehe - Link below ciao!


  1. Your sight brings alot of awareness to people its very trendy very educations and very up to date to add to that HIP Cool Stylish and more ...great keep doing your thing Shout outs from MsNElla

  2. Hey I got your comment a long time ago on my blog to check out your blog but I've been MIA being that its my senior year of college. Anyway I came by to say that your blog is so cute and trendy.


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