Sep 28, 2012

3 little Melodys

These three songs are always stuck in my head through out the day. I'll share what they are ..

Sorry - Ciara has always been a favorite artist of mine. I think her voice is so unique and soothing and her style is amazing. But besides her great bod and gorgeous hair styles, she speak to me with her music. I literally listened to this song the other night non stop. ...probably over 20 times :)

"I literally had to stop myself from crying when I was writing it. You can kinda hear it on the song. I wanted to just go and vent and be free in my music. It’s my way of saying something that I’ve wanted to say to someone for a long time. It’s very real to my heart. I think it’s really cool to embrace the pain of something that may have hurt you and be able to express it through music...It’s someone that I really loved. They’ll know who they are when they hear the song."

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JOJO - Demonstrate
You cant help but love JoJo, well I know I cant.
I have been rocking with this girl since her first album, so I am SO excited she is back. I feel like she has never had her chance and this song may be the one to take her there. A fan writes. "Wow this is hot! I love Jo Jo, I was not expecting this type of vibe from her. Great range in her voice, amazing how she hit that low note & climbed the
scale. Hot beat as well" And I agree 100% This song is bomb and I never get tired of it.
Chris Brown - Don't Judge me
I don't know if this song has anything to do with RiRi, but I really do like it. The words are strong and the melody is so sweet. Keep rockin Chris !


  1. I agree with you, these 3 songs are really beautiful :)
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