Sep 17, 2012

Meet Neal,
My stylish Virgo buddy!
I wanted to feature him on my blog because he is always on point with his fashion, he keeps it fun and makes it look so effortless!
Q: Is there any inspiration behind the way you dress?
A: A lot of my inspiration comes from everyday concepts and featured styles; I like to take what I see on a day to day basis and add my own twist to it.

Q: What are your favorite fall colors to wear?

A: I like to mimic the season and wear richer colors during the fall, so a lot of browns and other earth tones.

Q: Do you like to play with different patterns?

 A: I'm more into mixing textures up, patterns can be a hit or miss but textures as long as you coordinate properly will generally pull a look together.

Q: What are some of your fashion tips you can share with the fellas?

A: Balance is pretty much what pulls our outfits together, we usually don't have as many choices as women when it comes to fashion so our best ally is balance. What you wear shouldn't fall to any extreme, (ie too tight or too loose, too flashy too dull) your look should compliment everything as a whole.
Thanks for sharing Neal.
BTW- My pal makes the BEST cakes in town.. find out more info on his FB page --> Click here! :)


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    1. He did a really good job pulling off this fall look.

      Thanks for your comment! :)


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