Oct 3, 2012

Basic pieces that every girl has

I have some basic pieces in my wardrobe that I wear a lot and I'm always mixing and matching them with other pieces to create new looks! I feel there are 5 essential garments that every woman should have and they are....
A sophisticated white t shirt and a plain white t shirt.
There is honestly no way you can strike out with this look, dress it down or dress it up, you can also play with layers. Throw a vest, sweater or jacket to add some flare to your fit!
A chambray top
The chambray shirt can be worn many ways. I loved it paired with a light colored bottom. Most recently I tried it with the double denim look and I loved it.
Classic Black Blazer

I don't think I know a girl that does not have a black blazer in their closet. It's so classic and so easy to pair with almost anything. I think every girl should have at least three different kind of black blazers.. a girl needs choices ;)
Nice pair of Fitted Jeans
Every girls owns a pair of jeans, and every girl has HER favorite pair of jeans. I nice pair of dark denim are a must have, they give off that crisp look and look great for any season if you pair it with the right top ;)
Little Black Dress
The "little black dress" is a closet staple, and should be made of a sturdy but lightweight fabric . I love to play with the little black dress by adding color to my accessories, like a bag or some dope shoes !
Hope you enjoyed it ...Xo - Naz

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