Oct 8, 2012

OOTD : Brunch

I attended a brunch on Sunday for my friends "coming out" celebration. 
She invited us over to let us know she was pregnant. I'm very excited for her. Her and her husband got married last year and now they will be bringing a beautiful baby into their lives. 

This is what I wore to the function :)

Jeans : Charlotte Russe 

Vest : Macy's

Shoes : ShopteamShoeicide

Shirt : f21


  1. Hi! Sana, just say thank you for all the kind comments and for following me. I will now do the same. Love your shoe in this post. Congrats! to your friend and her new baby.

    1. No problem and thanks for returning the love :) And thanks, I'm going to bring those booties to NYC with me next week.

      I look forward to your great post on your blog!


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