Oct 25, 2012

Teen Vogue Fashion University

Hello Lovers! Today I'm going to update you on my experience I has at the Teen Vogue University!
Let me remind you what the workshop was all about.
Every year for seven years now, Teen Vogue holds this amazing Fashion workshop where they choose 500 fashionistas and fashion-mistas to attend a fun filled weekend full of seminars, guest speaks, shopping and giveaways.

During my time in NYC, I got the chance to link up with some pretty cool gals, (thank god) lol . Walking into the Theater and seeing all these little girls was overwhelming, I began to think to myself "what the hell did you get yourself into?"
Back to the Weekend...
Well, we kicked of the seminars starting with Grace Coddington.
I'm happy to know that she has a Memoir coming out next month that I will FOR SURE be purchasing.
Grace Talked about how she became a model and how she got into the editorial side of the fashion industry. She told us that she honestly felt she had no career in modeling because she would constantly be told that she wasn't "pretty" enough, or didn't have that "look", whatever the look was they were looking for at that time. She said she had gotten her big break when working at a diner and someone came in and seen her, the exchanged info and the next few days she was offered her first big shoot. Although she found out after she had made it to the shoot that it was a Nude shoot, she was still ecstatic. She had the whole theater giggling with her.
Below are some images I captured.
These are images of her work: editorial
Alica in Wonderland:
She told us how she was absolutely mortified when the photographers told her the dress on the model needed to be turned around (backwards) so that the sheer bow could be seen.
Mark Jacobs poses with the model here as the toad.
One of my favorite shots.
Tweedle d & Tweedle dumb
Early Grace on the cover of Vogue

Grace with her 5 point haircut, killing this shot!
She also told us how she loves cats and that if anyone is interested in interning for her they must love cats and also  must be reading a book!
Image Source Page: Here
One of my favorite speakers Was Christian Siriano from project runway!
He was everything I imagined him being like and more, super approachable
He spoke about how he moved to London to study fashion design and how he interned for Vivian Westwood and not knowing anything about her. He said he learned alot and faked like he knew everything about her to get ahead lol.
He shared how interned for Alexander McQueen and what that whole experience was like.. hmm I could only imagine.

I fell in love with his 2013 Spring Collection
(check out my fuax leather leggings and spiked loafers)


Chris Benz
Chris Benz was a cutie too.
He told us he knew what he really wanted to do Fashion when he met Donna Karen at one of her DKNY fashion shows in NY. He went up to her and told her what he wanted to do and she told him you can do it if you believe you can. She convinced him to attend Parsons School of Design in NYC and that's exactly what he did.. look at him now! #boom

He was super chill and laid back


Nicole dished on how she loves being a mother and a hard working one at that. I personally was kind of anxious to see her, just because how far she has come since her "Simple Life" days with Paris Hilton. Not only has she cleaned up her name a bit but is doing a great job as an entrepreneur. She has the two clothing lines, in which she is very involved, Winter Kate and my favorite the 70's inspired House of Harlow. She has novels, a new fragrance titles Nicole and fine jewelry in the work.
When asked, what kind of music does she gravitate to since she grew up around so many great she replied " I love country, but I have to admit, I LOVES me some Hip Hop..Bad Girl RIRI, Drizzy and Wayne" lol that was the black coming out of her.
I thought I was going to die when I heard the words "Rachel Roy will now be joining us today". She was one of the main reasons I was elated to attended the event in the first place. I even left Christian's seminar a few minutes early to make sure I would get a good front seat, I also had a bunch of questions prepped.. so you can just imagine how heart broken I was.
My broken heart was short lived when I heared that I would be able to attend one of the classes I really wanted to attend but was full by the time I signed up for my classes. THE OFFICE TOUR!
I was able to get an exclusive walk through of the Conde Nast Offices.


As you can imagine, racks of clothes were everywhere for pulls for photoshoots

The Style Closet


A lucky girl won the raffle and got a free pair of Sperry Shoes

Offices Spaces
Gloria Baume is preparing for the spring 2013 Denim campaign in her office

If you have seen The Devil Wears Prada... Then you know of "THEBOOK" lol That above, is "HEBOOK"
Lara is in charge of getting fresh faces in the magazine. Someone you may be familiar with, Chanel Iman was a fresh face she introduced us to :]

Of course the Best office space was the Editor in Cheif of Teen Vogue Amy Astley! With her super clean white carpet (brave woman she is), designer pillows, collectable items and treasures and of course that amazing view! Her office was gorgeous!

This is Her assistant

So adorable right?
More Randomness in the office

The Beauty closet, the Interns and assistants shared how it's like a public closet, having the privilege of going in and taking what they please.. must be nice

One of the lovely chica I met!

These girls were so nice, I'm glad I had the chance to have met them!

New Business Cards

My cool oxfords.. perfect for walking the city
The Last of the Seminars/Speakers

They discussed their roles within Teen Vogue.
Elaine is the newest member of the team, she is now the beauty director. Congrats Elain!!

Me with Elian, she is a sweetie!


Next up on the Panel

Nadia Hussain from PolyVore

Danica Lo from Style Bistro

Treena Lombardo from ShopBop

Rebecca Minkoff the Designer

Huan Nguyen from LookBook.nu

All answered questions from Simone Oliver of the New York Times

Danica answering questions from eager students.
She is very smart and so approachable.
She was also incredibly inspiring, she is easily a new favorite of mine

Danica & I

I took some notes during this seminar because I really enjoyed what they had to say!

When asked - What are some of the Do's & Dont's to Fashion in the digital age: They answered;

Be honest.
Never complain
Be aware of what you are posting - even when you feel as if no one is reading, trust THEY ARE!
Share feedback and show appreciation to your readers!!! <------ I was SO glad they touched on this.

[ the reason being, I show alot of love ALOT, but it seems like you have to almost beg for the same appreciation. It honestly sucks. It really does not take that long to respond to your readers, TRUST I know! I make sure I respond to each comment I recieve because it's only right! ] #reciprocating love

Nadia said to be proud without insulting
-keep in mind why you began to blog in the first place
-people are watching and reading for a reason.

Always show respect and give credit where its due, don't post a image, story, video etc and not give the sourcer credit if it's not your own work.

What are some ways to brush up on social media?

Danica: Be true to yourself. If you are a funny character, be funny. Let that side of you come out in your writing.

Treena: the Manners that apply to life also apply to social media. Be aware and stay away from rumors.

Rebecca: Make it a point to keep social away from personal. She shared, when she is out with friends or family, she makes sure her phone, tablets whatever are not near her. She wants to make sure the person she is spending time with gets her undevided attention.

They also stressed how inportant it is to read everything, NOT just the web, but to also read books, print, articles.
"The more armed you are the easier your xareer will come" - Danica

Be professional and prep yourself.

Approach your art like a science
reasearch and understand what it is you do or want to do.
And be active and inmurse yourself into the industry.

Here are a few Q&A I jotted down from the audience

Rebecca, do you feel like there are any cons with social media showing your collection soon as it gets off the runway and people began to judge almost immediately?

A: They may see my collection, but they are not actually there so I really does not matter, people will and are always going to judge you or what you do. The only con I would say is walking into a store that has already debut my collection before I have.

The Panel, What would you guys say is the most important social marketing online tool?

Facebook and Pinterest, ecsp Pin because on there it's not about what you post it's about who repins your post. - Danica

Emails -Treena

Instagram and Twitter - Rebecca

Huan said "what they said", with a little laugh.

How important is self expression, branding and building an online persona?

Very! When you are looking for a job in this industry that employer is going to look to see how you understand that space. - Huan

You want to stand out, People with opinons go far. - Rebecca

You must be current. I personally will not hire you if you do not have a twitter. I honestly don't care if you never use it, but you should have one. - Danica

Have a perspective and an opinon. - Nadia

I'm glad I took notes on this segment because I learned alot of valuable information. The speakers were all very sweet and inspiring, so glad I had the chance to have been in the audience soaking up all that knowledge!


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