Nov 27, 2012

Modern Day Mogul

I have always had a love for the Bow Tie low-key. When I see creative minds such as Janelle monae and Monica Rose put together fresh looks topped with fun Bow Ties, I can't help but think of ways I can rock one myself! Mike Mogul, Mr. Bow Tie himself, specializes in making the fun unisex neck wear accessories  and he does it so well! Modern Day Mogul is the name of the tasteful brand. He truly caters to the unique and the fresh individuals out there, gracing them with the perfect piece to top off their ensemble. The different patterns he delivers are fun and hip. I'm sure you'll catch you savvy boss rocking one to your little brother's swaggy friend, these flashy ties are truly for everyone! Want to be apart of the trend? Purchase yours here --> [HERE].

Here are a few of my favorite picks !

Here are some inspirational looks I created to inspire the inner bow tie in you !

Bow Ties

Hope you enjoyed!

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