Dec 4, 2012

King Bey: in Leonard Spring 2013

Beyonce' has been all over instagram wtith her new page @baddiebey! Since she has activated the account she has graced us with her fashion forward photos and perky smiles here and there.

Recently she posted a pic of herself rocking a bold color block  Léonard dress!

Beyonce’s dress is fresh off the runway, so I doubt it’s available as yet to purchase. Similar dresses by Léonard can cost anywhere from $610-$2,000. A splurge, but I would totally rock this dress! This is by far one of my favorite of @BaddieBey’s looks

Did you like the dress?? 


  1. I love this dress, definitely a splurge!!

    1. Ikr. This dress is so hot!!

      Thanks for stopping by :)


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