Dec 8, 2012

Networking Mixer

Myself and a good friend of mine threw a mixer last week for young professionals!
The whole reason for this mixer was to bring together the driven young adults in our city that chase their dreams in any type of way so that we can inspire others to do the same! MN has a lot of potential to grow, but first we have to come together and see the talent we have all around OUR city! Mpls/St Paul will no longer be looked at as not being filled with entrepreneurial businesses because we’re going to create our own opportunities for success!” – Joane’

Joane' couldn't have said it better! The turn out was more then we could have expected and we are now so anxious to throw our next one!

Throughout the entire night, we had a giveaways.

The prizes were consisted of different kind of pastries, clothing from the online stores, and accessories
By hosting this event, we were able to connect with other blogger's, accessory designers, online fashion boutique owners, pastry makers, graphic designers, app makers, models ... the list goes on, Everyone left with a gift bag and a nice little buzz, seeing how our drink specials were off the chain lol big ups to Wendy!

Below are some pics of from the successful night :)

Joane' & I









 Special thanks to everyone who volunteered, Ms. Wendy and everyone who made an effort to show up for a good cause :)

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