Nov 7, 2012

Fashion Repeat Alert : Michelle Obama

After President Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term, we got a chance to see the the beautiful family dressed impress !

Take a look how she rocked it last night!

Michelle celebrated on stage with her husband wearing her magenta silk chine pintucked dress she first wore two years ago, courtesy of Michael Kors
The writes over at Fashion Bomb Daily got word from a source at Michael Kors, saying that this is actually the the First Lady's 3rd time appearing in this dress! Get it Mrs. Obama ;)

The girls were cute as always. Loved the idea of a structured skirt for young ladies ! Malia Obama's skirt can be found at J. Crew -- HERE

What do you think about Michelle’s dress and her stylish recycling?


  1. that's obviously not malia's skirt. the J. Crew one doesn't have structured pleats. The skirt she's wearing is an umbrella skirt from ASOS (now sold out)

    1. Well it looks pretty similar to me! Thanks for reading though :)


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